2018 Club Show Results & Critiques

Yorks Lancs Cheshire BTC Open Show

Saturday 12th May 2018

Judge: Carolyn Richardson (Staynorwood)

Dogs 59 Entries 70

Best in Show: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

Best Puppy in Show: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

Best Opposite Sex in Show: Stineval Kordia

Reserve Best in Show: Stineval Kordia

Best Dog: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

Res Best Dog:Chorbeck Space Cowboy

Best Dog Pup: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

Best Bitch; Stineval Kordia

Res Best Bitch: Byrewick Valentine

Best Bitch Pup: Oxcroft Jessie

Best Veteran in Show: Stoneygin Mo Cuishle

Minor Puppy Dog:3

1: Northborders Marlon Brando

2: Dassett Last Waltz

3: Thornheswin New Beginning

Puppy Dog: 3 (1)

1: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

2: Billyboy Blue at Chevinor


Junior Dog: 3

1: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere

2: Redlands Kardinal

3: Otterpaws Mountain High

Novice Dog: 3

1: Northborders Marlon Brando

2: Redfox Dusty

3: Borderstream Huntsman

Post Grad Dog:5 (1)

1: Chorbeck Space Cowboy

2: Tojamatt Rythym n'Blues at Raedwulf

3: Otterpaws Muninn

res: Lynsett Lewis

Limit Dog:4 (1)

1: Breckgreen Soldier Blue

2: Oxcroft Jethro

3: Borderstream Huntsman

Open Dog: 8 (2)

1: Carrock Carnegie

2: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor SHCM

3: Chorbeck Chatty Man JW SHCM

res: Tyneaster Special Agent at Raedwulf

VHC: Blaisdon Bow Brilliant


Minor Puppy Bitch:1

1: Esyntona Codeword Vandamere

Puppy Bitch:2

1: Oxcroft Jessie

2: Redlands Fieldfare

Junior Bitch: 7 (2)

1: Keebank Snow Queen

2: Marsirdan Jemima Puddle

3: Picer Beth Chatto JW

res: Chorbeck Cosmic Girl

VHC: Nottorg Nostalgia

Novice Bitch:3 (1)

1: Marsirdan Jemima Puddle

2: Wadesleia lady Madonna Saxheath

Post Grad Bitch: 9 (4)

1: Stineval Kordia JW

2: Totherend Blue Jean Topsy

3: Stowthorney Clairvoyant

res: Chorbeck Angel Eyes

VHC: Wadesleia lady Madonna Saxheath

Limit Bitch: 7 ( 4)

1: Northborders Lady Mary

2: Blaisdon Step in Time

3: Otterpaws Firebird SHCM

Open Bitch: 3 (1)

1: Byrewick Valentine

2: Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath

Special Beginners dog/bitch:5 (3)

1: Wings of Speed at Otterpaws

2: Redfox Dusty

Veteran Dog /Bitch: 4 (1)

1: Stoneygin Mo Cuishle

2: Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox

3: Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath


        The YLBTC Border Terrier Club Open Show held on Saturday 12 May 2018 Judge-Mrs C Richardson(STAYNORWOOD)

 Many thanks to the Officers and Committee of the YLBTC for their kind invitation to judge their Open Show and the exhibitors for the sporting way they accepted my decisions. Thank you also to my Ring Stewards Ian Hopper and Bridget Singh. I was very pleased with my winners on the day.

 Class 1 Minor Puppy Dog – 3 entries 

 1 Northborders Marlon Brando – Masculine dog, typical head with strong jaw, big teeth. Good reach of neck and shoulders, nice length of back and well angulated rear. Correct double jacket. Tail set on Ok. Moved confidently around the ring. 

2 Dassett Last Waltz – Another nice young dog, head ok, good reach of neck and good shoulders. Harsh double jacket, moved ok. 

Class 2 Puppy Dog – 3 entries 1 abs 

 1 Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere – Very smart young dog, Mature for his age. Strong head with good strong jaw and big teeth, flat skull and good neck and rib. Harsh double coat with loose pelt. Carrot tail set on well. Shown in fit condition. Moved confidently both ways,. BP BOB 

2 Billyboy Blue at Chevinor – Nice baby, not a lot of coat today, moved ok. 

 Class 3 Junior Dog – 3 entries 

 1 Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere – as above 

2 Rexlands Kardinal – Nice type of border. Correct otter head and ear placement, harsh double jacket, moved well. 

Class 4 Novice Dog – 3 entries 

 1 Northborders Marlon Brando – as above 

 2 Redfox Dusty – Smaller type of dog than 1, head ok, correct bite. Shown in little coat today, unsettled on the move. 

 Class 5 Post Grad Dog – 5 entries 1 abs 

 1 Chorbeck Space Cowboy – Strong otter head, flat skull and strong muzzle. Correct bite. Good reach of neck and shoulders. Loose pelt and harsh double jacket. Ok for rib and length of back. Tail set on well. Moved out well.

 2 Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raedwulf – Typical head and expression. Good earset and flat skull. Correct double coat. Good angulation, just preferred movement of 1. 

 Class 6 Limit Dog – 4 entries 1 abs 

 1 Breckgreen Soldier Blue -Ok for head. correct earset and strong jaw with big teeth. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, ok for length of back, easily spanned withgood rear angulation. Best of harsh jackets. Moved well. 

2 Oxcroft Jethro – Typical head and straight front on this boy, good shoulders and neat feet. Correct length of rib. Easily spanned. Good rear angulation. Short carrot tail set on well. Moved ok. 

Class 7 Open Dog – 8 entries 2 abs 

 1 Carrock Carneigie – Masculine Dog shown in fit condition. Typical head with strong muzzle and big teeth. Good reach of neck leading into correct shoulders and straight front. Harsh double Jacket. Moved out well both ways. 

2 Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor – smaller type than 1. Smart dog in fit condition, narrow throughout. Good coat. Moved ok 

 Class 8 Minor Puppy Bitch – 1 entry 

 1 Esyntona Codeword Vandamere – Nice baby with correct head and earset. Harsh double jacket. Moved well for a youngster.

 Class 9 Puppy bitch – 2 entries 

 1 Oxcroft Jessie – Lovely otter head of correct proportions, good earset. Narrow throughout, correct front. Coat of harsh texture just coming through. Strong loin enabling her to move well from behind, although a little unsettled at times.

 2 Rexlands Fieldfare – Slightly heavier type than 1st but a nice, balanced type of bitch. Feminine head with good earset and dark eye. Good double coat and loose pelt. short carrot tail. Moved well.

 Class 10 Junior Bitch 7 entries 2 abs 

 1 Keebank Snow Queen – Smart bitch, feminine head of correct proportions, flat skull and good earset. Nice reach of neck and correct shoulders, good front and length of rib. Easily spanned. Harsh jacket with loose pelt, moved well.

 2 Marsirdan Jemima Puddle – Another very nice bitch. Typical head and good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders. Just preferred front of 1. Moved out well. 

Class 11 Novice Bitch – 3 entries 1 abs 

 1 Marsirdan Jemima Puddle – as above 

2 Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath – ok for head and shoulders. Narrow front, coat ok.shown in fit condition, moved well around the ring.

 Class 12 Post Grad Bitch – 9 entries 4 abs 1 Stineval Kordia – Feminine head of correct proportions, strong jaw with big teeth, Good shoulders and front. Ok for rib and length of back. Strong loin enabling good drive from behind. Feet small with thick pads. Shown in fit condition. RBIS. 

2 Totherend Blue Jean Topsy – Another nice bitch, typical head, not as narrow as 1, good length of rib and correct tail set on well. Moved well.

 Class 13 Limit Bitch – 7 entries 4 abs 

 1 Northborders Lady Mary – Feminine head with neat ears and strong muzzle with large teeth. Good neck and shoulders. Straight front and cat like feet. Shown in fit condition, best of double jackets. Thick loose pelt. Moved with purpose around the ring. 

2 Blaisdon Step in Time -Nice type of bitch, rangy. Good head, flat skull and dark eye. Good length of back. Front ok. Short on coat today. Moved well. 

 Class 14 Open Bitch – 3 entries 1 abs 

 1 Byrewick Valentine - Smart bitch shown in fit condition. Ok for head. Good earset and flat skull. Good reach of neck, narrow shoulders and straight front. Ribs carried well back and strong loin with good rear angulation. The best of harsh double coats and loose pelt. Moved well.

 2 Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath – Head ok. Correct double jacket. Easily spanned. Moved ok. 

 Class 15 Special Beginners Dog or Bitch – 5 entries 3 Abs 

 1 Wings of Speed at Otterpaws - Bitch shown in fit condition, correct head with flat skull and good ear placement. Good reach of neck and well placed shoulders, correct tail set on well, moved steadily around the ring.

 2 Redfox Dusty – as above 

 Class 16 Veteran Dog or Bitch – 4 entries 1 abs 

 1 Stoneygin Mo Cuishle – 10 year old bitch shown in good condition. Typical head and expression, moved out well, enjoyed her day. 

2 Ruelata Acrobat at Redfox – Typical head and ears. Tail ok. Moved ok. **********************************

Yorks Lancs Cheshire Border Terrier Club Open Show
Sunday 4th Feb 2018
Judge: John Todd (Roxess)

Best in Show: Karison Krumble
Best Puppy in Show: Ridgebow Two Hoots

BOS, RBIS & Best Veteran: Grettacs the Wizard 

Best Dog: Grettacs the Wizard

Res Best Dog: Stineval Poniac from Thornheswin

Best Dog Pup: Ridgebow Two Hoots

Best Bitch; Karison Krumble

Res Best Bitch: Ridgebow Rusty Rivet

Best Bitch Pup: Picer Beth Chatto

Minor Puppy Dog:6

 1: Ridgebow Two Hoots

2: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for     Vandermere

3: Borderstream Zodiac

Res; Billyboy Blue

VHC: Archie Reggies Boy

Puppy Dog:4 -1

1: Pherlas Mister Ed

2: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandermere

3: Borderstream Zodiac

Junior Dog: 6-1

1: Bowencloud Busy Bee

2: Keebank Jack Frost

3: Tojamatt Rhythm N'Blues at Raedwulf

res: Terabyte Trick or Treat

VHC: Nitefox Tico by Cragsedge

Novice Dog: 3-2

1: Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandermere

Post Grad Dog:6 -3

1: Holdenelms Worth the Wait via Ycart

2: Lynsett Lewis

3: Brumberhill Breitling

Limit Dog: 4-1

1: Stineval Poniac from Thornheswin

2: Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chervinor ShCm

3: Tyneeaster Special Agent at Raedwulf

Open Dog: 4-1

1: Raleniro Second Time Around ShCM

2: Ch Karison Kosta

3: Oxcroft Jethrores: Ycart Earth Stopper


Minor Puppy Bitch:4 -1

1: Oxcroft Jessie

2: Ragatam Chit Chat

3: Darkarmar Echo of Love

Puppy Bitch:4 -1

1: Picer Beth Chatto

2: Fieldsearch Forward Cry

3: Darkarmar Echo of Love

Junior Bitch: 8-1

1: Nottorg Nostalgia

2: Borterra Ruby Tuesday

3: Stineval Kordia

res; Blaisdon Step In Time

VHC: Bowencloud The Bee Charmer

Novice Bitch: 7-0

1: Nottorg Nostalgia

2: Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath

3: Totherend Blue Jean Genie

res: Cragsedge Rocket Queen

VHC: Keebank Snow Queen

Post Grad Bitch:11-5 

1: Karison Krumble

2: Picer Angelica to Nottorg ShCM

3: Raleniro New Roseres: Foxcraig Magic Diamond

VHC: Oxcroft Damson of Glenochy

Limit Bitch: 7-3

1: Ridgebow Rusty Rivet

2: Borderxpress Miss Potter

3: Stineval Malizia

res: Keebank Charlies Cracker

VHC: Foxcraig Touch of magic for Dexlin

Open Bitch:2 -1

1: Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath

Special Beginners dog/bitch:9

1: Boretta Ruby Tuesday

2: Raleniro New Rose

3: Cragsedge Rocket Queen

res: Wings of Speed at Otterpaws

VHC: Nitefox Tico by Cragsedge

Veteran Dog /Bitch: 8-2

1: Grettacs the Wizard

2: Ch Blue TuTu via Ycart

3: Stbedehounds Frank In Sense of Raleniro

res: Seymours Bubble and Squeak for Raleniro

VHC: Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath

  Yorkshire Lancashire & Cheshire Border Terrier Club Open Show 
Sunday 4th February 2018 

 I would like to thank the club for the invitation to judge and the hospitality I received. Thanks also to my steward Mr Ian Hopper for his great assistance. Finally thank you to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity to go over their dogs. I really enjoyed my day. I was impressed with the quality of the majority of dogs present and although some were top size all placed dogs were easily spanned and had correct bite.. I felt overall movement was good, coats were variable some full and some lacking however in the run up to Crufts this is to be expected. The majority had good pelts which was pleasing. Mouths were generally good most with large teeth but I was disappointed to see many with dirty teeth. 

 MPD 6 (1A)

 1st Duxbury's Ridgebow Two Hoots 8mth grizzle/tan dog in fit condition moved well both ways with drive from behind. Presented with a quality coat harsh and dense with excellent pelt. Head is strong in correct proportion with good strength and depth of muzzle. Ribs narrow and deep with a strong loin. He showed really well pleased to award him BPD & BPIS

 2nd Pollit's Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere 8mth grizzle/tan dog has a good balanced head with keen expression. Good length of rib he moved out well straight and true. Preferred coat and top line of 1st. 

 PD 4 (1A)

1st Young & Peacocks Pherlas Mister Ed 10mths grizzle/tan dog strong head and jaw, he looked to be heavy in profile however hands on proved otherwise. He was in full coat with a harsh texture and a good pelt. He has good rib and loin. 

 2nd Pollit's Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere 3rd Borderstream Zodiac

 JD 6 (1A) 

 1st Ruth's Bowencloud Busy Bee 16mth grizzle/tan dog well proportioned head with strong muzzle, dark eye, top line good with well set tail would prefer slightly longer neck. He moved well with good quarters, was presented in excellent coat.

 2nd Russell & Maynard's Keebank Jack Frost 13mths grizzle/tan dog good head with depth and width of muzzle he moved well, was longer in loin than 1st he was a little short of coat and feet could have been tidier. 

 ND 3 (2A)

 1st Pollit's Brackenfell Rock the Boat for Vandamere PGD 6 (3A) 1st Fraser & Butler's Holdenelms Worth the Wait via Ycart 20mths grizzle/tan dog presented in excellent firm condition. Good thick pelt with a tight harsh top coat. Very good in head with a strong lower jaw, deep well proportioned muzzle. Moved out well with drive pushed close for top honours. 

 2nd Armstrong's Lynsett Lewis 20mths blue/tan dog another in excellent condition with good coat good in neck, top line and tail set. Handled really well just preferred rear movement of 1st. 

 LD 4 (1A) There were 3 good dogs of different types in this class but all had their own merits and places could change on another day. 

 1st Dixon's Stineval Pontiac from Thornheswin grizzle/tan quality dog with good head and ear carriage, top line and tail set, he has good length of rib and strong loin. Moved well with good reach and drive. Coat in good condition with thick pelt. Showed really well RBD 

 2nd Metcalfe's Dandyhow Friendly Fire at Chevinor blue/tan dog has a nice balanced head, moved well both ways good length of rib. He has a tight harsh coat and was presented in good condition with firm muscle tone. Very close decision just preferred front of 1st.

 OD 4 (0A)

 1st Lorraine & Thomas's Raleniro Second Time Around grizzle/tan dog balanced head with good width and depth of muzzle. He is well constructed looks good in profile. He moved well with good reach and drive and had good muscle tone. Coat was almost there just lacked a little depth. He showed really well to head this good class. 

 2nd Johnson's Ch Karison Kosta grizzle/tan dog with quality right through. He has a good head was presented in good coat and firm condition. He is narrow throughout with an excellent front. He seemed very unsettled today which cost him the class. 

 MPB 4 (1A) 

 1st Price's Oxcroft Jessie 8mths grizzle/tan bitch feminine head which will improve with maturity. Smart in outline, good undercoat with harsh tight top coat which was just a little short of depth. Very narrow with good front and rib moved well. 

 2nd Peacock's Ragatam Chit Chat 7mths blue/tan bitch presented in full coat which was harsh and dense with good pelt. Strong head with keen expression, preferred rear movement of 1st.

 PB 4 (1A) 

 1st Pickering's Picer Beth Chato 11mths grizzle/tan bitch a quality pup with a lovely feminine head of correct proportions. In excellent coat which was harsh and dense with thick pelt. She has good length of rib and strong loin, moved well with drive BPB RBPIS 

 2nd Harker's Fieldsearch Forward Cry 11mths grizzle/tan bitch nice head with good depth of muzzle. A little short in rib with longer loin. Coat was in good order with harsh top coat. Preferred movement of 1st. 

 JB 8 (1A) 

 1st Taylor's Nottorg Nostalgia 12mths grizzle/tan bitch quality bitch with good proportioned balanced head, narrow front, good top line and length of rib. She moved well with good stride and drive. Really liked this one and considered for top honours. 

 2nd Jones's Borterra Ruby Tuesday 13mths grizzle/tan bitch in good harsh coat with thick pelt, well balanced moved well both ways. Close decision preferred head and expression of 1st. 

 NB 7 (0A)

 1st Taylor's Nottorg Nostalgia 

 2nd Heathcote's Wadesleia Lady Madonna Saxheath grizzle/tan presented in fit hard condition, in good coat. Balanced head with good ear set dark eye with keen expression. Preferred movement of 1st. 

PGB 11 (5A) 

 1st Johnson's Karison Krumble grizzle/tan top quality bitch with a lovely head strong but feminine with a keen expression. Very well presented in excellent coat, narrow throughout straight front with good neck and shoulders. Moved straight and true with good stride and drive. Really caught my eye and delighted to award her BB & BIS 

 2nd Taylor's Picer Angelica to Nottorg grizzle/tan well constructed bitch with a balanced head in correct proportion. Moved ok both ways. Lacking a little in coat today. 

LB 7 (2A) 

 1st Duxbury's Ridgebow Rusty Rivet grizzle/tan presented in excellent coat, good length of rib , strong loin. Good quarters which she used well on the move to drive round the ring. Strong head with keen expression. Pleased to award to her RBB 

 2nd Wright's Borderxpress Miss Potter grizzle/tan nicely balanced head with good ear placement. Smart in outline with a tight harsh coat. Moved well straight and true, just preferred rib and depth of coat of 1st.

OB 2 (1A) 

 1st Heathcote's Vallemoss Drama Queen via Saxheath stood alone presented in good coat of dense harsh texture, head ok but lacks depth of muzzle, moved ok.

 SBD/B 9 (0A) 

 1st Jones's Borterra Ruby Tuesday 

 2nd Lorraine's Raleniro New Rose blue/tan bitch was 3rd in a strong PG class, nicely balanced bitch with good construction, coat in good order harsh and dense with a quality pelt. Moved ok both ways just preferred the width & depth of muzzle of 1st.

 VD/B 8 (2A) 

 1st Inness's Grettacs the Wizard grizzle/tan 8 year old dog who belied his age, he looked good in profile he is well constructed which showed in his movement which was straight and true with good drive. Balanced head with keen expression, presented in good firm condition, he was in good coat which was harsh and dense. Pleased to award him BV BD BOS & RBIS 

 2nd Fraser & Butler's Ch Blue Tutu via Ycart blue/tan bitch almost 12 years old balanced head with keen bright expression she was in firm muscled condition with a harsh tight coat. She moved out well both ways. 

Judge John Todd (Roxess)